Outdoors for Start Up goes beyond the concept of "doing things" outside the classroom and traditional training criteria.

For us it means experiencing situations that enable the strength of the memory of the moment to be combined with the willpower to turn what has been experienced into reality.
This leads to a better understanding of the role played and the discovery of qualities that are sometimes dormant.


This course aims to allow colleagues to get to know each other faster and that is achieved by means of an information scouting activity involving the participants who are divided into teams.

The course aims to stimulate the search for the data needed to achieve the objective (in the form of a race) and enable colleagues to find out more about each other through professional and personal presentations.
From exploration to discovery. From competition to collaboration.
It involves an experience which emphasizes collaboration between individuals; a true and proper contest with answers to the "tasks" and the discovery of a treasure.
The hunt is set in a city, on the basis of objectives requested by the customer and the tasks reflect fundamental concepts such as collaboration within working groups, the creation of relationships of trust, and the rules for disciplining both yourself and others, and information management.

The course highlights how the value of the team is superior to the strength of the individuals within it. After the treasure hunt on the first day, the second day is dedicated to a methodological debriefing to analyse the behaviour and skills used on the field and to be adopted in the company as from the following day.

All the material produced in the classroom is systematized and handed over as evidence of the activities performed and the commitments made.


The course originated from a customer’s need to ipublicize and promote a tourist destination.
The promotion activities are flanked by a seminar on sales techniques which takes participants to the destination abroad. By operating from this perspective, events can be created during which moments of technical and product training are combined witha strengthening of motivation.
This type of event can be used, for example to launch a new product, to celebrate success or even just to carry out training in a particular setting.


Rugby is a sport that started in 1823 in the town of Rugby when William Webb Ellis inventedthe rules unintentionally. The sport has now spread worldwide. There have been no accidents in the stands involving supporters from 1823 until today, integration amongst the fans is an accepted rule. The recent participation of the Italian national team in the Six Nations Trophy has increased the visibility, media attention and public’s perception of the sport making it more popular.


Amongst the values ​​that coaches transfer to players of all ages (from under 7 to over 42) we find:

• Respect

• Loyalty

• Courage

• A Sense of Belonging

• Genuine Friendship

which are transmitted both by the rules of the sport and by playing the game. The same values ​​can be found in the company and applied the work reality: for these reasons RugbyMan.IA has been created.


RugbyMan.I.A. (Management In Action) is a “FORM-ACTION” course where participants first learn the basic rules of rugby and then put them into practice on the playing field, checking them out personally. At the end of the outdoor experience, a specific debriefing is held encouraging reflections on how the metaphor of the game can be reflected in company life.

RubgyMan.IA is the result of the integration of professional experiences in the world of training and competition level sport in the game of rugby and aims to transfer energy and enthusiasm to workers at various levels of the company, basing the activities on the rules of "properness and ethics" that characterize this sport, knowing that both in rugby and in enterprises "there is room for everybody" and everyone must have a specific role that is in keeping with the ultimate goal: "the right person in the right place".

The course is divided in the following way:
• Theory
• Outdoor Experience (Passing, Contact, Supporting a mate, Pressing, Try)
• Classroom Debriefing
• Translation of what has been learnt in the company (Values, Rules, Problem solving, Business Development, Teamwork, Communication)
• Individual Improvement Plan

RugbyMan.I.A. can last one or two days, depending on the number of participants and the goals to be achieved.


The objective of the course is to integrate people forming a company, an office or a network and plays on the double meanings and interpretations of words related both to the world of music (dealt with during the training experience) and to the company.

Through the use of the various meanings of the terms soloist, group, harmony, false notes, the first performance, rehearsals, etc., the course aims to work both on team spirit and the awareness of individuality; all the better if it is ... in harmony!

Basically on one hand the participants are asked to deal with a reality that is quite different from the one linked to their usual skills (and required by their job in the company): the use of a musical instrument for the purpose of producing a song.

On the other hand, the objective is to use this new skill to create a group performance ("orchestra").

All this in a very limited time and without controlling the "production" variables.

By the end of the teaching sessions (music and debriefing) the two components will be explained and participants will be able to take home CD of the recording and return to the company with more harmonious interpersonal relationships aimed at the objectives.


The contents of the course will cover:

• The role, both individual and of the group in organizations
• Organizational procedures (who does what)
• Learning processes
• Music and work
• Debriefing
• Action Plan

The package includes 12 \ 16 hours of course, including the recording a digital format and production of the CD that will be carried out by means of a joint collaboration between Academy Groovemaster and Start Up.


Hunt for the created value: Wild Shopping

The aim of the course  is to be able to understand which elements create value and which destroy it in relationships with customers through a real experience on the field as a "hidden customer"; moreover, we want to work on motivating the selling of the company’s created value, reinforcing what is offered with best practices in order to increase the positive perception of the brand.


• team building
• playing
• having fun
• getting to know a city
• understanding the buyer’s role asking particular details related to the offer and checking willingness to comply with the requests made


The group will be divided into teams that will carry out three types of activities:

1. Finding Points of Pride, elements that lead to the "pride of the city" where the course is carried out.

2. Hidden customer: a visit to shop as a “hidden customer”  to collect information about how you should and  how you should not deal with a customer. 

3. Treasure Hunt: answers to questions that lead participants around the city (important points) to get clues that enable them to discover a leitmotiv keyword.

4. Presentation of the findings