Marketing for us means putting customers at the center of the company’s attention and understanding better and before the competitors, which are their needs, requirements and expectations and how they are changing.

Our courses cover marketing in all its forms, from product marketing to the marketing of services, from tourism to international marketing, from market segmentation to launching a new offer. The consumer remains the focus of our analysis through lectures dealing with customer relations and relationship marketing customer focus and the chain of loyalty.


Product Marketing 
Understanding Marketing 
Customer Focus 
Internet and E-Commerce 
Marketing Planning
The Marketing of services 
Cross Selling 
Tourism Marketing
International Marketing
The Marketing of Purchases
Product/Service segmentation and portfolios
Developing and launching a new product
The Loyalty Chain
Marketing Tools and Indicators
Protecting and increasing your Market
Trade Marketing & Category Management
Loyalty & Relationship Marketing
Customer Relations
Appreciating the Value of Internal Customers