Dear All,


The Start Up Certificate of Incorporation was signed on 10th April 1990 and it is a great pleasure for us today to be able to share our 25 years of business activity with you.


The first words that come to mind are “Thank you”!


We are, above all, grateful to our clientele, which has been loyal to us over these 25 years, following our ideas both in Italy and abroad, and taking part in our training courses. One of our core values is continuity: we pride ourselves on our clients who have chosen Start Up for 10, 15, 20 years – and continue to do so.


Thank you to all our collaborators, from the first to the last. We have always had a strong female presence and we are very pleased about this. Their constructive contribution has allowed many ideas to become reality. A second value of Start Up is enabling people to grow: this value is now our core business.


We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have run the company with consistency, maintaining the promises made to our customers. We never accept a job/task unless we are sure we will be able to complete it, according to the standards of excellence that we have set ourselves. Our third value is keeping our promises.


In recent years, “transparencies” have been replaced with “slides”; overhead projectors with laptops and projectors, videos with CDs and videos downloaded from YouTube, plenary sessions with the e-learning system and much more... Looking back, we can say that we have always remained true to our motto “service culture” and we refer to it every day: the tools have changed, but not the values we believe in.


We are pleased to invite you to visit the new website ( that has been created to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary. We have prepared a surprise for all our customers of these past 25 years; just get in touch with us to learn more about it, by filling in the online form, or maybe coming to visit us at our head office in Via Palma Vecchio 111, Bergamo.


We look forward to seeing you soon.



                                                                     Dr. Lodovica Cattaneo

                                                                     Sole Director

                                                                     Start Up s.r.l.

Lettera Amministratore Start Up